Your one best presentation to the world.




Video in business to business is a matter of 

Sales vs. Marketing


We take the sales approach because your highly educated prospects demand  straight-forward, direct information on the application and operational value of your solutions.


While marketing is the art of taking something simple and making it extravagant... 

Sales is the ability to take something complicated and make it easy to understand.

Business to business is all about sales.


Video as a Verbal (not visual) Medium

Business video is more than just showing some pretty pictures to your buyers.  It is about successfully guiding potential buyers into your sales process and influencing the influencers behind the scenes.  When dealing with engineers, technical specialists and executives; you must get to the point quickly and clearly tell these highly educated and highly critical professionals why they need your solutions.

We design video as a verbal (sales) medium that tells your prospects how to know your solutions rather than a visual (marketing) medium that merely shows a collection of pictures.  There is no reason to play charades with your buyers.

Our executive presentation format utilizes the primary elements of an in-person meeting.  We work with our clients to first determine exactly what needs to be said and then determine what needs to be shown in a foundational sales situation.  Our executive video presentation will put your single best presentation face to face with paying customers when you cannot be there.  

Our executive video presentations are the most efficient sales or marketing tool that any solutions-oriented company can utilize.  


Every CEO, every day, is challenged with the question, “How do I get my prospects to see the value of our solutions?”  We work with CEOs to get your one best presentation in front of every prospect everywhere in the world.

3 Focal Points of VOTWP's Executive Video Presentation Format

  1. A conduit for delivering and controlling the dialogue with prospects in all phases of the sales process.
  2. Providing pertinent information to technical decision makers and influencers. 
  3. Getting your proper message into places where otherwise you could not.  

Our Experience and Expertise 

As specialists in worldwide B2B communication we apply our wide-ranging experience in high-level international sales and major broadcast television production to produce executive presentations that sell better worldwide. 

Recognizing the proper building blocks of effective sales presentation and conducting intuitive interviews we are uniquely qualified to provide our clients with high-level English-language presentations that have unlimited worldwide application. 

We have production teams on 6 continents conducting broadcast-quality video shoots throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America, the Caribbean, Oceania, and South Africa. 

Our production professionals have produced and directed programming that has aired on top television networks such as:  CNBC, BBC One (UK), CNN, CBC (Canada), Bravo, CBS, Discovery Health, Fox Business Network, the Sportsman Channel, Fox Sports Network, Sun Sports and the Discovery Channel. 


Steve Schultz - President and Executive Producer

Steve has more than two decades of sales, marketing and media experience.  With a career that started in publishing, progressed through advertising, radio and into national television; Steve has developed proven methods for communicating effectively throughout the world.  With experience selling to and selling with CEOs in more than 60 countries in virtually every industry; Steve has real-life insight and understanding to help growing companies efficiently utilize their sales and marketing budgets with effectiveness and efficiency.

In media, Steve has produced and directed many corporate sales-focused video presentations as well as television shows that have aired on the CNBC, Fox Business Network, Bravo Network, We TV, WealthTV, Wedding Central and Directv.

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, a community leader and an avid traveler; Steve Schultz understands the amazing results that solutions-oriented companies around the world can achieve with VOTWP's executive video presentation format coupled with FPF Sales Solutions.