Our Experience and Expertise 

  • We are specialists in worldwide B2B communication with wide-ranging experience in high-level international sales and major broadcast television production. 

  • Recognizing the proper building blocks of effective sales presentation we are uniquely qualified to provide our clients with high-level sales solutions that have unlimited worldwide application. 

  • Our sales solutions were developed working closely with CEOs, high-level executives and technical professionals in more than 60 countries across many industries. 

  • We have not only sold to thousands of companies around the world; we have helped hundreds of companies sell around the world.  We have a thorough understanding of the entire sales process from initial contact, to back room deliberation through to contract.

  • Our president, Steve Schultz, has produced business television programs and CEO interviews that have aired nationally in the United States on CNBC, WealthTV and the Fox Business Network.

  • Our production professionals have produced and directed programming that has aired on top television networks such as:  CNBC, ESPN, CNN, BBC One (UK), CBC (Canada), Discovery Health, PBS, Fox Business Network, Sun Sports, the Sportsman Channel, Bravo, NBC, CBS, Fox Sports Network, and the Discovery Channel. 

Steve Schultz President of View of the World Productions and developer of FPF Sales Solutions  

Steve Schultz

President of View of the World Productions

and developer of FPF Sales Solutions


Steve Schultz has more than two decades of sales, marketing and media experience.  With a career that started in publishing, progressed through advertising, radio and into national television; Steve has developed proven methods for communicating effectively to decision-makers throughout the world.  With an impressive resume of real-world experience working with CEOs in more than 60 countries in virtually every industry; Steve has developed FPF Sales Solutions to help growing companies efficiently utilize their sales and marketing budgets with guaranteed efficiency.


From the start of his career Steve has understood and executed on the hard work it takes to reach new customers and the huge value in making a powerful first impression on potential buyers.  He has worked with companies on redefining their sales strategies and building solutions for efficient customer contact around the world.  In media, Steve has produced and directed many sales-focused video presentations as well as television programs that have aired on major national networks such as:   CNBC, Fox Business Network, Bravo Network, We TV, WealthTV, Wedding Central and Directv.

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, a member of the     Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity (TKE), a former candidate for public office and an avid world traveler; Steve Schultz has a solid resume for leadership and success.